Welcome to the creators of Gneis® outdoor clothing!

Gneis® is a Swedish brand of hi-tech, high quality, outdoor clothing. We have focused on making great clothes for children but have had success with several styles for adults as well. With over 200.000 products sold, Gneis has become an established brand in Sweden. Our goal is to expand our market to all the neighboring countries in the Nordic region.

We design and construct all of our products "in-house". All fabrics are developed and produced in cooperation with carefully selected contractors. Trimmings and other details are sourced from European and Asian producers with the highest quality and reputation. Final production is mostly done by hi-end factories in Asia, although some styles we develop can be produced closer to our markets.

Rock Group Sweden AB is a dynamic, family owned company, dedicated to long-term business relations with other companies that share our philosophy. Fair and responsible cooperation is an important strategy to achieve successful business. We also believe in protecting the environment and strive to integrate this policy in everything we do.

Since our launch in 2006, our company has grown – and with great success! Our turnover 2012 was about 2.000.000 EUR and during the last years we have been making big investments of different kinds with preserved turnover.

The Gneis collection is exclusively sold over the Internet (though our web shop, www.gneis.se).

Removing all unnecessary middlemen enables us to concentrate all of our efforts on the best possible materials and high-end production. We can keep all costs for administration, marketing and sales to a minimum, and still be able to offer our products at very affordable prices.

Finally, about our customers – the children and their parents… The brand Gneis was created with the active support from 2.000 “test families”. Ever since, we work closely with our customers on a daily basis. They help us with product testing and development as well as marketing the brand among friends. The success of our clothes for children has made their parents so envious that we have had to make a collection for grownups as well!

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